A region not unlike many others. Kanto, Unova, Kalos; you know your regions, right?

But there’s something fishy with Wesloyden. You can find pokemon from almost every region here, hidden about on this circling crescent. The Locals don’t see much of the outside, and the outside doesn’t seem much of the locals. There’s even a lot o fuss to actually go there, at least if you want to go as a trainer.

The reason? Well, the most obvious one is what you’ll probably see the moment you arrive at Hazelnut Town, the entry port to arrivals. You will probably see people sporting features of pokemon, almost like a costume party. The thing is…

Those features? They’re totally real. That gal whose tail you just pulled? Is probably using Fire Fang on you right now. That freaky hairy guy you snickered at? Apparently someone partly turned into a Tangela, who may now be throttling you with Wrap.

Don’t worry though, the the residents of Wesloyden aren’t that violent (usually). But you may have to wonder, if you haven’t seen your friend in awhile, if he’s that Squirtle over there, trying to get your attention.

Welcome to Wesloyden! We hope you and your Pokemon have a fun time here!