Kyle Darling

Coordinator, Fashion Designer, Shameless Guy


Kyle Darling
Sex: Male
Age 23
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 123 lbs

Kyle Darling is a white, blond haired, blue-eye guy with some good looks and nice body. He’s hardly a body builder, but while he may lack muscles, he has nice charm and a forwardness that seems to benefit him (sometimes). He keeps his hair fairly long, to optimize changing the style for different looks or outfits (and less worry of cutting it). His outfit may vary as he travels if he gets bored of it, but otherwise, jeans, partly buttoned shirts, shoes good enough for travel – Common enough style!

Outfit styles worn to date:

Long blue jeans, sneakers, and a ping graphic Tee that says ‘Catch me Train me, just call me Sexy’ in blue letters


Born in Avellana Town, Kyle found most of his work at the Singing River Resort. he did basic stuff at first, but eventually he came on as a fashion designer, making outfits for people and pokemon, whether it was to be comfortable or fanciful. While he didn’t have any serious plans to have his own pokemon at first, he adopted one from a resort guest one day before his fashion career kicked off(Sen the Mienfoo).

Having the extra friend is what gave Kyle his inspirations towards being more of a coordinator, was well as designing things for pokemon (and in turn, humans). He plans to work on improving pokemon as well, to make them smarter and help on building ‘culture’ for them. Or something along those lines.

There might be more to fit into it than just that, but we won’t find out until Kyle gets out there! He finally decided to try out being a Coordinator/Trainer, to expand his horizons, and maybe see what the potential of his plans really are.

Family/Siblings: T.B.C!

Kyle Darling

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